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Electives and Special Programs


Today’s cutting-edge and relevant career and technical education (CTE) prepares youth for a wide range of careers. Any high school student enrolled in Valley Oak has the opportunity to join the Digital Media Program, an approved program of study, connected to a career pathway and meeting business and industry standards.  Areas of study are 3D programs, and variety Adobe products, and website design.


This is an integrated science class where students can receive either physical or life science and is based on the Next Generation Science Standards, or NGSS.  What makes this class special is the focus on Making.  We might spend one day, or three weeks designing, prototyping, redesigning and completing various objects.  The students have access to various tools and supplies that allow them to explore and create many different things. The students follow a specific engineering design process that guides them to success.


Yearbooks are made throughout the school year in the Digital Media class. Including portraits and school activities, Valley Oak High Schools yearbook is a great way to remember and share memories.  Yearbook sales start in May.


This is an elective class offered 4th period at Valley Oak. The class is key to building and sustaining a positive school culture through organizing various school wide activities like Peace Day, Halloween, Earth Day, and Spring Field Day.  All ASB officers are part of the Leadership class.  Students learn skills such as budgeting, money management, organization skills, networking and events planning. 

ASB Officer Interest Form - if interested please print, complete and return to Valley Oak.